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We train people across the globe effectively while they are being active and fruitful in their local church.

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About Us

E2M College is all about equipping students for effective ministry. This will be a powerful investment for all believers, especially for church leaders like deacons, elders and even church planters.

This course will provide sound theological training with practical outcomes and will be internationally recognised by the “Global Evangelical Alliance.” NCMI Equip to Minister (E2M) College is an international study program that aims to provide kingdom advancing outcomes for its students. E2M enables believers around the world to engage in biblical training, playing a vital role in developing leaders for effective ministry. Our courses are packed with solid theological training as well as powerful practical input from experienced men and women with a track record of fruitful ministry. E2M currently serves students in South Africa, the USA , Canada and Europe. The course is now available to students worldwide.

Students enrolled in our Two Year Diploma will watch 112 lectures, complete assignments, write exams and attend online meetings.

Ordinarily, a student needs to commit 15 - 20 hours per month to their course, which can be done at their own pace. Online meetings consist of small group discussions with our lecturers where peer learning, feedback and processing of study material will take place.

Students must commit to two 2-hour online meetings once a term, which will play a vital role in their development. Assignments and exams will help students to engage with the material and ensure there is substantial progress..

The college covers:

  • Systematic Theology
  • Biblical Studies
  • Church History
  • Practical Theology
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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy We believe that training in God's Word predominantly happens through a local church, while people are active and engaged in their church. We also believe everyone in any part of the world should have access to solid biblical study that will help them be more effective in their call and the mandate of the Church to "make disciples of all nations".

(Matthew 28:18-21.)

Course Curriculum

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Biblical Theology

  • Introduction to Theology
  • The Study of God
  • The Doctrine of Man and Sin
  • Creation
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Practical Ministry

  • Christ-Centred Ministry
  • Christian Worship
  • Homiletics
  • Hermeneutics
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Biblical Theology

  • The Person and Work of Christ
  • Working out your Salvation
  • Old Testament Studies
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The Doctrine of the Kingdom

  • The Kingdom
  • The Gospel
  • Discipleship
Collective prayer

Biblical Theology

  • The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)
  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • The Anointing
  • The Doctrine of the Church (Ecclesiology)
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Biblical Leadership

  • Leadership
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Apostolic-Prophetic Model
  • Church Growth
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Biblical Theology

  • Revelation and The Doctrine of Last Things
  • Church History (Overview)

Missions (Outreach)

  • Missions
  • Evangelism
  • Defending your Faith (Apologetics)
  • New Testament Survey (Plus the Book of Acts)


Our goal is to make our courses affordable and accessible to students worldwide.

Our cost per student is $69 per month (for 24 months) with a once-off registration fee of $69. Discount coupons are available for developing world nations.

We will provide 80% of the source materials, but a maximum of 4 books will need to be purchased directly by students.

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How to Register

  • Click on one of the "Register Now" buttons
  • Complete the registration form
  • Checkout with PayPal to pay and subscribe
  • Watch orientation video
  • Start the Equip to Minister course
  • Please make yourself familiar with the following:

  • Have a look at the assignment for the term
  • Read the article on how to write a good assignment
  • Have a look at the resource file that we have prepared for you which will help you in your research for your assignment and discussions
  • We will connect with you about assignment due dates and exam dates.

    Please contact us if you need any assistance.

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Meet Your Instructors

Aiden Whitaker


Brent Brading


Chris Smith


Chris Zeelie


Christine Nicotra


Darren Prosser


Dave Hagger


Gareth Bailey


Grant Crawford


Greig Garrett


Ian McKellar


Ivor Lewis


Jody Romero


Keir Tayler


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